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    Zhejiang Haihua Automatic Control Valve Co., Ltd.


    INFORMATION/ Recuit News

    Our company has always adhered to the principle of employing talents: “only talent is used, only virtue is reused, and integrity is gold”. If you have enough ability, welcome to join us! Let us work together to achieve common goals and a bright future! The competitiveness of an enterprise that cannot be copied depends on the "person." No matter how the market competes, people can't copy it. Establishing a team of employees who dare to innovate is the key to making enterprises better and stronger. Therefore, when the company's senior management started to set up factories, it pointed out that "to produce high-quality products, we must also produce high-quality products. Talents". Let them understand the cutting-edge technologies of the industry and master the management skills of using information technology, engineering technology, teamwork and leadership.


    POSITION/ Job recruitment

    Mechanical Engineers

    job requirements:

    1. Coordinate the organization and test implementation according to the test requirements of new products

    2. Cooperate with industry inspections, organize and implement tests, and analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of test vehicle test parameters;

    R&D engineer (structure)

    job requirements:

    1. Responsible for the appearance, structural design and component design of the pusher product;

    2. Responsible for finite element analysis of key structural components and propose improvement plans and implementation;

    3. Responsible for other tasks assigned by the leadership


    job requirements:

    I. Recruitment position: welding of bulldozer parts

    Second, the recruitment conditions: 6, physical health in line with the standards of practice (professional counterparts of recent graduates, interns preferred)

    Basic knowledge of the map, see the process operator

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